Saturday, 18 November 2017

Guide to the free website or blog traffic

Do you have a blog or a site that need a free traffic for your business ? High web traffic can make your business go viral. There are many Software that make you get traffic perfectly how you want it.but don't just stay on Software to generate traffic,make sure that your site  is fully recognized by social media too. To generate web/blog traffic is just few steps to take and are very easy.take advantage of this post and generate traffic to your site how you want it.
To generate traffic to your site, you have to firstly get one of this Software . create a new Facebook account or use your existing account. Make your Facebook friends up to 500(maximum).
Create a Facebook page related to your website or blog. Invites all your friends to like your page.keep your page going viral with up to 6000-7000 likes. Note that you can promote your page to get a lots of like. Then for WordPress users link your site to the fb page you have created. Advantage of linking to your Facebook page is that the more likes you page get the more site views you will have. Your page likers will be visiting your blog and know your site and like to be visiting your blog. You can also promote your site in your fb page to get lots of visitors.
Secondly, go to google AdWords and start campaigning your site to reach more audience and clicks. AdWords can make your blog or website on top of the search, whenever people search a topic of yours , your blog will be on top.  You will be getting thousands of visitors each month.
Submit your site to article or link directories for visitors and traffic. There a are many link directories that people use to submit their site.some of the link directories are listed below ::;
Firstly buy submitter software to make the process automatic. When you get it ,it will automatically be submitting your it's good Software
Make sure to submit to all of this directories. Promote your blog URL using Twitter ads to reach thousand of people. Join blog user forum such as web
Post in Google+ bloggers communities to visit your blog. Promote your site with email marketing: constant is a powerful email marketing that is made simple. Here you create a professional newsletter that bring customers to your door..
Active campaign can be used to campaign your site it allows you to send one email to hundreds of users.
Make sure to get the best of luck

IPhone 8 and x features and specifications

As the apple celebrate the iPhone 10th anniversary with the lunch of Iphone x and the IPhone 8. The new iPhone release means new accessories and a revenue stream for you. The new IPhone x features is expected to skyrocket for accessories, primarily for wireless items such as airpods, Bluetooth headstart ,speakers, and wireless charging duck. The Iphone x has the largest screen of any iphone with the highest pixel density. The new oled screen is also far nicer than the other phone. The Iphone x is the first iphone to support HDR and like the Iphone 8 and 8 plus,come with true tone and wide colour (p3) display. The new iPhones have many features and specifications. The Iphone 8 and X cost little bit far from the iPhone 7.
When we look at the IPhone 8 it has the following specifications :::
Type- led backlight IPS,capacitive touchscreen, 16m colours.
Multi touch- yes of course.
Resolution- 750×1334 pixel.
Size- 4.7 inches screen to body ratio.
Protection- 10n-streghtened glass,oleophic coating,wide colour gamut display, 3D touch display & home button ,true tone display.
Internal - 64/256 GB 2 GB RAM
OS-  iOS 11
Chip set-apple a11 bionic
Cpu-hexa core
GPU- apple GPU
Primary-12 mp f/1.8,28mm,face detection, auto focus, ois,quad led, (dual tone) flash.
Features- geo tagging, simultaneous 4K video and 8mp image recording, touch focus, smile detection, HDR (panorama/photo)
Video- 2160p@24/30/60 FBS
            1080p@30/60/120/240 FBS
Secondary- 7mp,face detection, HDR panorama.
Alert type- vibration, proprietary ringtone
Loudspeaker- yes with sterio speakers.
Sensor- finger print(front mounted) accelerometer, gyro proximity, compass,barometer.
Messaging- imessage,SMS,MMS,push email,E-mail.
Browser- HTML 5 (safari)
Other features- fast battery charging: 50% in 30 min,Qi wireless charging, icloud,cloud services, mp3/wav/AAX/aiff/ apple loss less player ,mp4/h.264 player,audio/ video /photo editor, document editor, Sri natural language command and dictation.
Non remevable li-ion 1821 MAH battery.
Music play- up to 40h
Talk time- up to 14 hr (3g)
and many other features.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Apart from Weight loss product there are many and many tips on how to lose weight tips that will surely work for you.

•Drink plenty of water- drinking water regularly through out the day also keeps fat toxin moving out of the body and keep your metabolism running optimally.
•Park your own snacks- from apple chips to an on the go will get the nutrients you need without the expensive process food.
•Increase your protein intake- Aims to consume at least half your body weight in grams of protein each day to lose weight and burn fat.
•Eat grape fruits- take advantage of grapes fruits:metabolism-boosting enzyme by adding slices to your salad or smoothies
Green tea- this tea contains high level of eatechin which promote weight lose. Aim to drink 1-3 cups daily.
•Get your food of fiber and protein- food heavy in fiber these nutrients will help you fed fuller longer,balance blood sugar, low cholesterol and more.
•Start cooking at home- by controlling what ingredients, fats and oil are in your food, you will be able to make healthy choice without sacrificing the food and flavour you love.
•Keep healthy snacks stored at home- keep your cabinet and refrigerator stocked with fresh healthy food at front and center.
•Make a menu- choose your favourite recipe and decide what you want to save for meal a week at  a time.
•Slow down- eating slowly eases digestion and help your brain realizes when you are full try putting down your fork or spoon between spices.
•Dont shop on an empty stomach- make sure to have a quick snacks before going shopping. It will keep compulsive shopping help you stick with healthy choice.
•Make healthy swaps- healthify your favourite food by swapping out the high calorie ingredients with cleaner,low calorie substitute.
•Dont super size- keep your snack and party amount down by taking small bites and taking smaller portion.
•Flavour foods with Herb and spices- so often flavour food with extra fat instead of natural herbs and spices. These are simply way to infuse your meal with flavour without adding necessary calorie.
•pare down your plate size- because the same day of food look like less food on larger plates.turn yourself into eating less by serving your main dishes on salad sized plates instead of dinner ones.
•Do a cleanses or detox- even if its just for few days ,try doing a simple vegetables juice cleanses or detox to get a JumpStart on your weight lose.
•Eat breakfast- start your day on the right food and fuel your body for the day with a healthy brark will give you energy in those first few hours you ate awake
•Dont drink your calorie- creamy foamy drinks might taste delicious, but they can have enough calorie as an entire meal.make your own healthier version instead.
•Choose healthy fats- not all fats is created equal. The fat found on food like avocado,nuts,and dark chocolate are actually good for you and they taste delicious.

TIPS:  Reduce your calorie intake as it is the major causes of fat and overweight. Take food that contains low calories or snacks and vegetables with low calories content.
Include exercise during the period of Weight lose.that  is morning and evening exercise. Include weight lose product while eating weight lose food and snacks or vegetables. As it will be the best method for fast and effective result.
Take a walk out for at least 500 steps.
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Sunday, 5 November 2017

10 vegetables for weight lose

Vegetables are actually one of the best method to lose weight and have a very good advantages on the body. Taking all this vegetables will help you lose weight without any stress.
I previously posted How to lose weight fast diet and now on vegetables to lose weight.

1. Cucumber-100g contains 15 calories. Cucumber contain about 90% water in it,that is why it has only few calories per serving.
2. Asparagus-100g contain 20 calorie.asparagus is full of fiber vitamin and mineral .it provide nutrition while combating hunger.
3. Spinach-100g contain 23 calories. This green leafy vegetables great when it comes to calorie is not only help to lose weight but also it reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer .
4. Tomato-100g contains 18 calorie. Tomato are rich in vitamin c,A and k giving with full of nutrients and contain minimal calorie.
5. Zucchini-100g contain 16 calories. Zucchini is a top class choice to lose weight because the level of low calories.
6. Cabbage-100g contains 25 calories. Cabbage provides essential nutrients, vitamin and fiber,and is fat free and cholesterol free.
7. Bell peppers-100g contains 20 calorie. Bell peppers is a great weight lose food contain capsaicin which is a natural metabolism booster.
8. Egg plant-100g contains 14 calorie. Egg plant is also low in calorie. It provides many health benefit also because it contain  vitamin,mineral, fiber and antioxidant.
9. Mung beans sprouts-100g contains 30 calories. Mung beans sprouts are rich in nutrients. It's full of protein. You can cook ,fry or curried or eat raw as in salad.
10. Carrot-100g contains 29 calories. Carrots is known for snacking and is a great hunger fighter contain natural sugar.

In my previous post I add weight loss product,so in this post too you can check it Here


There are many reason why you want to lose weight. If you have been significantly overweight or obese for a long time, then you might have concern about what the extra weight could be doing to your health. Many people use Weight lose product to help them lose weight. And the weight lose Product work for them effectively how they want in this ultimate weight loss diet,I will show you the best weight lose dieting that will help you lose weight fast but not as fast as weight lose Product.
Best 14 snacks for weight lose

1• Greek yoghurt
2• grapes and walnuts
3• Edamine
4• wheat thins
5• hummus
6• oatmeal and blueberries
7• banana peanut butter
8• kale chips
9• Apple and cheese
10• turkey rolls
11• soy nuts
12• cheerious cereal
13• pear and almond butter
14• turkey jerky with orange.


Day 1- pure protein such as fish,eggs,lean meat
Day 2- vegetables except potatoes and beans
Day 3- fruits to your meal except grapes and cherries
Day 4- 1-2 slices of whole wheat bread
Day 5- cheese but little amount
Day 6- now eat starch food such as potato
Day 7- cucumber and little vegetables for celebration.

8 food combos for weight lose

Red grapes and water melon
Coffee and cinnamon
Oats and berries
Chicken and peppers.

By enjoying all this diet plus the weight lose product,you will be amaze of what you will will lose many pounds in just couple of weeks.
Check out the weight lose product Here and you are ready to go.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Top 8 social media tips

1• Post at optimal times.there are  certain times of the day when your social media post will get the most engagement. Use scheduler apps to schedule content.
2• People can easily spot a fake on social media. Don't try to be someone you are not because your audience will be put off and move on to someone else.
3• Monitor little changes of followers acquired on your social media platform, as these can be instrumental to the growth of your audience and business.
4• Always know when to change your marketing strategy. You can do that by using to monitor how people react to your post.
5• make use of visual quotes which are one of the easiest content format to create. They are also likely to get more likes and shares than any other forms of content.
6• Include the icons of your social media network on your personal website. This will make it easier for those reading your content to like and follow you.
7• Social media automation tools help provide fast and effective customers service. Tools like hootsuite , Buffer , sproutsocial , Hubspot etc can be used.
8• Social media automation tools can also be used to moderate comments on post to avoid vulgar and irritating words used in customers feedback.
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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing according to Wikipedia is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business reward one or More affiliate for each visitors or customers brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.the company or industry has four core players;
•The merchant (also known as retailer or Brand)
•The network(that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments)
• The publisher (also known as the affiliate)
•The customer(those who buy the products)

Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both form if marketing use third parties to drive sales to the retailer. Affiliate marketing is frequently overlooked by advertisers.
Affiliate marketing is also called performance marketing.

There are many types of affiliate marketing. Below are some list of favourite affiliates network.

Uk-affliate window, commission junction, tradedoubler.
•Australia-DGM,commission factory,avantshare.
canada-linkshare,clickbank, commission junction.

These affiliates are the most popular in the world.Affiliate marketing can be apply for those that have website or a blog to promote product and earn commission.

Guide to the free website or blog traffic

Do you have a blog or a site that need a free traffic for your business ? High web traffic can make your business go viral. There are m...